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Alex Donohue Designs, a Jersey City, NY Metro based, fully integrated design & business development agency offering creative services ranging from web design & development, graphic design NJ, logo design, corporate identity, print design, graphic design Miami, digital media, UI design, app design & development, integrated marketing, social media management, fashion design & apparel production, sampling, sourcing, tech pack development and business consulting.

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Graphic design Miami geeks.

ADD, founded by Alexander Donohue, also the creative director, is responsible for the design facet of the creative process. He leads our design team, collaborates directly with our clients to take conceptual ideas and turn them into tangible, working concepts. ADD partners with OF THE BRIDGE lead by Ricardo De la Puente. Ricardo has a background in industrial and graphic design, with a specialty in exhibition and set graphic design Miami, and an MBA with concentration in consumer behavior.

Ricardo has 20+ years of experience designing and manufacturing. I have always used a user-centered design approach, starting with a solid problem definition followed by in-depth research, visualization, sketching and iteration/prototyping. Always in the pursuit of a WOW factor.

In addition, for the past 10 years, Ricardo has been involved in marketing research, digital marketing strategies and development for the beauty industry.

After Hurricane Katrina, Ricardo volunteered as Creative Director for IdeaVillage’s IdeaCorps, later he worked as Executive Director and Business Development for Latin American markets at Neill Corporation, the largest independent distributor of Aveda in the US, participated at AB Freeman School of Business marketing classes, founded SOURCEit New Orleans and The BagStandz Company.

ADD also partners with APPY MARKETING led by Kathleen Rhodes. She is a veteran strategist and local Search Engine Optimization specialist. Kathleen focuses on making sure that local businesses have up-to-date directory listings, such as with Google My Business, and that they get great online reviews. Her outside-of-the-box thinking helps our clients stay ahead of the curve utilizing the newest technologies available. She’s extremely solutions oriented and we’ve come to believe the words “No” & “Can’t” do not exist in our vocabulary. This makes her the best resource for graphic design NJ needs.

Building Brands, creating products, and driving sales is at our core. We aren’t a traditional consultancy whose end goal is to simply complete a deliverable.

Rather, we’re a self-motivated, senior level team that takes ownership of each and every one of our projects, “partnering” with our clients applying the same level of excitement, thoroughness and dedication as if the project was our very own. Talk to us today for graphic design NJ needs and get the expert advice.