Salon del Sol

Beauty starts with the Sol, and when they partnered with Heavengroup in 2012 I presented them with a vision of how to convey that. Salon del Sol is home to 8 Aveda Lifestyle Salon Spas in Richmond & Roanoke and when they approached us they had a typical salon branding presence, photography of the locations and product with lackluster photography and cohesion. Each location was it’s own unique look and lacked an overall Brand.

We presented the vision of lifestyle and glamour and it “Starts at Sol”

Over the course of a three day aggressive on location photo shoot we were not only able to capture each location we were able to use the flagship Richmond Location to tell a story of a woman arriving at the hotel and followed her through the course of her day, relaxing, getting prepared and ultimately looking fabulous as she exits the property all because of the Salon located at the fabulous hotel.